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An easy and affordable way to update the home is to update textiles. New pillowcases, or blankets on the sofa makes the home feel new. Our textiles are available in many different models. We have pillowcases and blankets in the materials linen, cotton and jute. The color scale and patterns are easy to combine. The range is carefully handpicked to create a comfortable feeling in the home and made by skilled craftsmen.

Filt Khan Filt Khan

Filt Khan

1 199 SEK 959 SEK
Filt Kaiden Filt Kaiden

Filt Kaiden

1 199 SEK 959 SEK
Kuddfodral Kaiden Kuddfodral Kaiden
Kuddfodral Laren Kuddfodral Laren
Kuddfodral Davi Kuddfodral Davi