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We love lamps and lighting! Our range is for indoor use and we have everything from ceiling lamps, table lamps to wall lamps. All are carefully selected and have a unique design. We use the materials wood, metal and glass for our range and we are good at larger lighting. The lamps are designed to give the home an extra twist while at the same time illuminating the home in a nice way. We have 2-4 days delivery and free shipping over SEK 799.

Lampfot Magna, svart Lampfot Magna, svart
Lampfot Luna Lampfot Luna

Lampfot Luna

1 049 SEK 839 SEK
Lampskärm XL linne Lampskärm XL linne
Lampfot Rose svart Lampfot Rose svart
Lampskärm XL svart Lampskärm XL svart
Lampskärm vit L Lampskärm vit L
Lampskärm svart S Lampskärm svart S
Lampskärm grå S Lampskärm grå S
Lampskärm svart L Lampskärm svart L
Lampskärm grå L Lampskärm grå L
Taklampa Buana Taklampa Buana